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WannaCry:Are you safe?

A few days ago, an outbreak of the Trojan encryptor WannaCry started. It appears that the epidemic is global. We call it an epidemic since the extent of it is quite huge. We counted over 45,000 cases of the attack in just one day. In reality, the number is definitely much higher.

Several large organizations simultaneously reported an infection. Among the organizations were several British hospitals that had to suspend their operations. According to the data released by third parties, WannaCry has infected more than 100,000 computers. Essentially, this is why it has drawn so much attention.

The largest number of attacks occurred in Russia, but Ukraine, India, and Taiwan have suffered damage from WannaCry as well. All in all, we have discovered WannaCry in 74 countries. This was only on the first day of the attack.

Cybercriminal Lazarus group hacked Bangladesh Bank

Cybercriminal gang Lazarus group carried out the $81 million Bangladesh Bank cyber heist, not the other groups named since the February 2016 incident, according to a top researcher of cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab. Vitaly Kamluk, director of the Moscow-based company's global research and analysis team for the Asia Pacific region, said: “We're pretty sure it was the work of Lazarus group.” The researcher made the remarks in an email interview with The Daily Star recently. By contrast Lamont Siller, an FBI officer in the Philippines involved in the investigations, said last month that the heist from the central bank's account at the New York Federal Reserve was "state-sponsored".

Vitaly Kamluk